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Reserve Blurbs

What is a Reserve Study?

A reserve study is a long-term funding plan for the common area expenses in HOAs. Click on the picture below to learn more. 

Financial Report

Site Inspection

Once every three years, California Civil Code requires most homeowners associations to have a visual inspection of the common area performed... So what happens during the site inspection? 

Swimming Pool


Identifying and updating the reserve components is important for the long-term health of the community. 

Comp Report 3 pages.png

Well-Funded & Poorly-Funded

Here are some general guidelines. 

Flexible Payment Planning

Percent Funded

While percent funded does help to explain the current standing of an association's financial situation, it is not the whole story and can be misleading. 

Graph on Computer

Strategic Planning

Reserve studies are a look forward at the current expected maintenance obligations. Boards should consider going a step further. 

Data on a Touch Pad
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