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Reserve consultants, inc.





What is sct?

We provide reserve studies and services. 


Homeowners Associations are required to have reserve studies performed per California Civil Code. Reserve studies are important and tell the board of directors if they are able to meet future maintenance obligations. Every reserve study we produce comes with the reserve disclosure forms needed for the association's annual mailing. 

We have been doing reserve studies for over 25 years; primarily in the Southern California region. 

We support the HOA industry. 

We are members of CAI (Community Associations Institute) chapters of San Diego, Orange County, GRIE (greater Inland Empire), Coachella Valley, and CACM (California Association of Community Managers). You will often see us at the monthly luncheons, Expos, and events. 

Who is SCThome



We are members of several trade organizations, lead committees, and support industry events.


When board members and community managers understand reserve studies, we can help make informed decisions.

Our bread and butter. 

We provide all levels of reserve studies, a sample report, and any hand-holding needed.


Once we complete your reserve study, we don't disappear! If you have questions or concerns, we are here to help!

Looking for a Reserve Study proposal?

Have a Reserve Study question?

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